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I have been seeing a lot of movies these days. Good , Bad ,Old, New , Big screen , Television , no compromises what so ever. I have Been Watching almost everything and anything i could get my hands on. Call me crazy but last week i went to see Enthiran for the third time and hopefully that would be the last time i would be hitting theaters for that movie :p !! Saw Uthama Puthiran yesterday and was not very much pleased with it :x . If not for Comedian Vivek and Dhanush i would not even give a 2/5 for it . Second half was good , luckily it had got something for the audience to cheer for. Piranha 3d was in my list for a while ever since it hit the theatres. The posters were quite intriguing so was a bit bothered to have not seen the movie. When i got hold of the DVD i was obviously expecting some real horror . But to my surprise the movie was nothing but a waste of time. People loving Gore Content might fancy this movie . I mean some scenes are so gory that it would be quite hard to explain here . All you can expect is Blood, blood and more blood. and yeah there are lot of babes wearing bikinis and dancing around. The Last scene was quite shocking to me as they hinted of a seqeul to this which i least expected :P .
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